This Week in Pictures 4-8-2010

Posted on Apr 08, 2010. 6 comments

lace wip
365_104 fiber selfie
365_105 stickers are the new tattoo sleeve
corespun susan batt skein
365_106 smiling
Mothering (I'd like to have a few words with who ever invented Spring Break. The second word is "you.")


  • Posted by Roberta on Apr 08, 2010

    So impressed by the organizing… maybe one day I’ll get my butt in action too.
    Love the design up top.
    I too would like to talk to the person who invented spring break, second word is “you” also, first word might differ. super cute picture of maya. the halo almost covers up the horns :)

  • Posted by AlisonH on Apr 21, 2010

    This post makes me want to run to my needles and start creating, now!

  • Posted by JulieT on Apr 08, 2010

    I like the pink and yellow socks. :)

  • Posted by mindy on Apr 08, 2010

    Wow. You’ve been busy! They cut our spring break short, and I’m actually keeping my monsters out the full time- I never get any non-rushing mornings with them, and I didn’t get them back until yesterday. Today we took their favorite aunt to the airport, and tomorrow we’re (hopefully) gonna have an easy day. Otherwise, they’ll be doing chores outside all day…

  • Posted by Kath on Apr 08, 2010

    Is new design a rectangular shawl instead of a triangle? Enquiring minds want to know! I really like what I can see so far!

  • Posted by Mildawg on Apr 08, 2010

    What lovely colors!
    At least Spring Break is almost over, and you get some respite soon ;)

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