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nature's mohawk
Nature's Mohawk (I like this type of ending a lot).
Peacock Tail Feather. Put me down in favor of things that start with mohawks and end in peacock feathers.
lace shawl 2
New lace design, knit in Knit Picks Shadow. I was glad and sad to see this knit end. As the knitting ends, the pattern writing and test knitting begin. I will be testing this knit soon, visit the Testing Pool on Ravelry if you are interested.
Thesis acceptance. Finally, it's over. I love how when something monumental ends, it's starts the process of renewal over again. What's next for me? I don't really know but I hope it involves knitting, pattern writing, fiber, and lots and lots of yarn.
butterfly detail
And the best type of ending, the end of pattern secrecy--See the new issue of Knitcircus for my latest pattern. The Butterfly Scarflet.


  • Posted by Kruse on May 08, 2010

    Beautiful patterns. Definitely a beginning for you!

  • Posted by LeAnn Aguilar on May 09, 2010

    Congrats! I love mohawks too! =D

  • Posted by Lene on May 12, 2010

    Woo! Congratulations!

  • Posted by Lee on May 06, 2010

    Congratulations, an accomplishment to be proud of! And I agree about the peacocks. Go celebrate.

  • Posted by Carrie K on May 07, 2010

    Now that’s what I call a happy ending.

  • Posted by Big Alice on May 06, 2010

    Congratulations, on everything!

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