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Posted on Jul 05, 2010. 1 comment

Dear Roberta,
Thank you for befriending me and influencing me to knit when we started the Masters in Physics program seven long years ago at Cal State. I still remember that first project I saw you create, a cool scarf that had strips of knitted fabric that you braided to look like a cable. Your creativity caused knitting to capture me by storm and take over my life. My current tempest in a teakettle is all thanks to you.
I think we've come a long way since 2003, at least in the (staggering) amounts of yarn hoarded. Thank you for letting me pretend that fancy new yarn I brought home belonged to you so that my Husband didn't make me go live in the shed in the backyard. Thank you for not being embarrassed when I climbed over the fence to get to the sale yarn and for always telling me it was my color. Even when it wasn't. Thank you for all the emergency lunches at Buster's so we could go on a surreptitious yarn shopping mission.
Thank you for being such a great Auntie to my Maya and tickling her tiny baby feet when all I needed was a break.
Finally, thank you for being the Patsy to my Edina Monsoon.
365_16 Quilt Convention in Long Beach, Ca
You are a Master now. Congratulations.


  • Posted by Roberta on Jul 06, 2010

    Awww, thanks. I can honestly, the pleasure was all mine :)

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