Photos from Spinning Dyeing Workshop in San Clemente

Posted on Aug 03, 2010. 4 comments

super awesome spinning 1000
checking dye
drop spindle
Teaching Drop Spindling
Fickleknitter Fiber
Photos from the Spinning-Dyeing-Knitting Workshop where I was asked to Stand Around Looking Important and give my opinions (which is something I really enjoy doing. In fact if there were a job whose sole purpose was to give my opinions, well, we might have to fight over it).


  • Posted by Kath on Aug 21, 2010

    You know it totally busts the Stand Around Looking Important image when you sit down and start fondling pink fiber! ;)

  • Posted by Carrie K on Aug 03, 2010

    Look at all that lovely fiber!
    SALI&GMO is one of my most favorite pastimes.

  • Posted by Lene on Aug 03, 2010

    Love the yarn mountain. And you do look really Important. Suits you. ;)

  • Posted by BeckyinVT on Aug 03, 2010

    I would SO love a job where standing around giving my opinions was work! Especially if they wanted my opinions on wool, or maybe raising chickens :-D

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