New Fickle Knitter pattern in Knitcircus Gift Issue No. 12, plus Scotch! Pumpkin Shortages! Hanukkah!

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knitcircus pattern by fickleknitter
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Ya'll! What? I'm a few months early? Not if you consider today is the release of the Knitcircus Gift Issue. Here's a handy link to my latest pattern, now available through Knitcircus. Here's a ravelry link if you'd like to see other versions of the simple cabled hat.
knitcircus pattern by fickleknitter knitcircus pattern by fickleknitter
I wrote and knit the pattern while watching Michael and Tommy Caffee running around Boston in the Brotherhood. Looking back that must have influenced me to use cables. Or maybe it was all the iced tea. Any way the cabling looks deceptively complex to the non-knitterly eye. The hat is sized to fit tweens and teens for those of us who pour our (tiny, black) hearts into holiday knitting for our loved ones. I recommend buying one extra special skein of yarn for yourself for every holiday knitting project you knit. You deserve it.
Special Knitcircus Gift Issue
Once again Jaala and crew brought it with a beautiful new issue! I'll be giving away some copies and maybe even a subscription in my ravelry group. You don't have to do anything extraordinary to win, joining my humble band of merry women is enough.
I'm off to look for some holiday canned pumpkin, remember those scotch soaked pumpkin muffins I made a few years ago? There's a shortage of pumpkin this year, says the canned pumpkin industry. It'd be tragic if I had to skip the pumpkin-raisin muffins and go directly to the scotch to fortify my knitting eh? Bah humbug.

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