Calling All Lace Knitters! Or All Knitting Knitters!

Posted on Oct 08, 2010. 2 comments

When writing knitting patterns it's hard to always know what people prefer. So I've listed two questions that have come up when test knitting my latest project. Feel free to weigh in in the comments, or visit my ravelry group discussion here.

1. Do you prefer line by line instructions for short row center instructions? Or generic instructions (but with enough info to complete the short row!) in case the knitter didn’t pick up the right number of stitches or made an error somewhere. In other words, knit to highlighted stitch, TURN instead of k1, yo, k2tog, yo, k3, TURN.

2. Do you prefer a chart to have simple stockinette instructions if it will make the actual relevant charted information smaller and harder to read? Or do you worry that you’ll miss the written reminder above the chart to work those stockinette increases? (Testers, See chart B. I could add 5 rows of blank st st at the cost of making the first five lines much smaller).

Here’s your chance to speak up!


  • Posted by Ilina on Oct 18, 2010

    I agree with Vicky, I vastly prefer charts so like stockinette to be included in the chart (unless it’s something as obvious as “purl all WS rows”). The size of the chart isn’t much of an issue for me in digital patterns, as I can always print it out larger if need be.
    For short rows I’d generally be fine with generic instructions, but on the first shawl I came across them I was glad I had more specific instructions.

  • Posted by Vicky Carlton on Oct 09, 2010

    I prefer a chart anytime a chart can be used. I have been known to make my own when one isn’t provided with lace patterns because it is so much easier to ‘see’ the pattern when it is in chart form. It is easier to memorize the repeats and find my place when first starting a new pattern instead of finding my place in the written instructions.

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