Winter TNNA 2011 Recap

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Fickle Knitter Winter 2011 TNNA Booth
Winter TNNA 2011 Recap in one word: Agog. As in, Michelle spent the entire TNNA weekend with her mouth agog. The closest event to TNNA as far as sheer overwhelmingyness (not a word, but I invented it for this post) is walking onto the Stitches West Marketplace for the first time. I saw lots of old friends, made some new friends and basked in the horn of plenty of knitting designers and authors.

TNNA 2011
I am so unbelievably lucky to have a good set of friends who held me up all weekend. (Andria is not pictured, but we know where she lives). They patted my back when I'd agog "Was that...." and "Did you see...." and tell me that there was spinach in my teeth or my slip was showing. I can't think of a better group of folks to have in my life.

Danger Men Cooking
I also enjoyed talking with all the shop owners (and laughed with them at their cool yarn carrying gear) that stopped by and those that placed orders. I plotzed over all the Qiviut. My wool pig eyes sparkled in the glory that was the artyarns booth.

Fickle Knitter and Anzula
I drooled as I always do at Sabrina's Anzula booth. Mermaid, mmmmmm.

Tree and Arbor Wrap Winter TNNA 2011
It was a great weekend and it was difficult to compress everything that happened into one blog post much less into one cohesive event in my brain. It was a good show and I plan on showing again at Columbus this June.


  • Posted by Hasmif on Jan 20, 2011

    thanks for sharing that and your other posts on TNNA. You make me want to come too!

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