Helen Hamann Elation--Cotton Baby Alpaca Yarn

Posted on Jan 26, 2011. 5 comments

studio and zen 008
When Merilyn of introduced me to Helen Hamann's Cotton Alpaca Yarn I was smitten.

studio and zen 046
The colors are so deeply saturated and hold so much potential. I hemmed and hawed for a while trying to figure out how best to do the yarn justice.

studio and zen 078
The vibrant colors have so much life. I spent a lot of time just holding the yarn, rearranging it on my yarn shelf, and photographing it. What am I saying? This yarn is like crack.

studio and zen 116
In the end I (reluctantly) stopped playing with the skeins and opted to write up a new market bag pattern, with two sizes. The Lemon and Strawberry Market bags are completely seamless, and knit in the round including the handles. Just the perfect little something (other than chocolate, or is that just me?) to brighten up your grocery shopping.

studio and zen 071 strawberry bag 009
It's pretty thrilling when the yarn and pattern works together in harmony to become exactly what you had envisioned. I'm so happy with the results. The cotton gives you strength and the baby alpaca a bit of luxury. And the best part? The yarn is just as fun to knit as it is to fondle.

To find Elation to knit (or just pet, my precious) please visit

Lemon Bag
The Lemon and Strawberry Market Bag Duo is available for sale here and here.


  • Posted by Lynette on Feb 03, 2011

    those are all wonderful colors! makes me want to make something so pretty with it. or buy it just because. :)

  • Posted by kruse on Jan 30, 2011

    Lovely, lovely stuff! What stunning, mouthwatering colours. And I adore the bags. Clever old you.

  • Posted by Brandi on Feb 01, 2011

    Yarn is crack I love it. I often just want to roll around in alpaca fiber. I understand completely.

  • Posted by LeAnn A. on Jan 26, 2011

    Beautiful!!!! I love the new bags. That yarn is yummy!!

  • Posted by Hasmif on Jan 26, 2011

    I love them too! I’ve never been that attracted to market bags – they have all been so practical in the past. These are like sunshine.

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