Stitches West 2011 Recap for Fickle Knitter Design

Posted on Feb 23, 2011. 3 comments

The Fickle Knitter Design booth at Stitches West 2011 went extremely well. There's nothing like being able to talk with knitters one on one to answer questions, talk shop, and people watch. I already decided to vend there next year based on the feedback in 2011. This marks the first year of Fickle Knitter Design appearing in five other booths at the show. I'd like to thank my retailers, Unwind, Foxy Knits, Alpenglow Yarn, Teresa Ruch Designs, and Feeling Ewe. Now, on with the photos!

knit-purl @Punkrawkpurl
My favorite photo from the show, the hands of PunkRawkPurl. All photos were taken with my spiffy new 35mm lens (1.8, nikon brand lens).

Born to Knit
This knitter was amazing. She also had a beautiful dia de los muertos pin, jolly roger knitting style lapel pins and a cute bag.

Teresa Ruch and Bird of Juno Wrap
This is Teresa Ruch of Teresa Ruch Designs holding a red version of my Bird of Juno wrap pattern knit by Monica. I've become a Teresa Ruch evangelist. Every knitter should have and knit with her beautiful yarns.

Flyleaf Shawl at Teresa Ruch Design's booth
See? I told you they were beautiful. Here are Teresa's yarns with a yellow Flyleaf shawl pattern nestled among the scrumptious colors.

Flyleaf shawl at Alpenglow
Speaking of the Flyleaf Shawl pattern, Alpenglow Yarn had a sample too as well as a booth full of her naturally dyed yarns. Carrie sources her yarns and fibers from small fibers in the US. She has an awesome business and beautiful yarns, you should seek her out.

Pearl and her Bird of Juno
This is Pearl and her version of the Bird of Juno shawl. We had so much fun chatting and admiring all her fun yarn purchases. Looking forward to seeing you next year Pearl!

Jade Cashmere Shawl at the Unwind Booth
Unwind had a special event at the show with Sweet Georgia Yarn. Just look at the colors. That's a sample version of Jade Cashmere shawl pattern nestled in with the oh so lovelies. Keep an ear out for a yarny special event announcement at the Unwind shop in Burbank.

Lemon Market Bag at Foxy Knits
FoxyKnits had two awesome booths, specializing in Koigu. Merilyn also has Helen Hamann Elation yarn and showcased a sample of my Lemon Market Bag pattern. I know, I know, I had you at "koigu."

The 2011 Fickle Knitter Design booth at Stitches West
Finally, here's a photo of my booth. I changed over to cargo nets to hang my samples from and with each new vending experience I learn something totally new and different to apply to the next show. I'll be vending next at TNNA Columbus in June and at Sock Summit this July. A special thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and especially to my retailers. Thank you and see you at the show next February!


  • Posted by AlisonH on Feb 23, 2011

    It was SO good to see you. And fun to see your designs in person, but it was just so, so good to see you.

  • Posted by Didi B on Feb 23, 2011

    Glad you’re going to be there next year! It was so nice to see you, even though we were both super busy and it was tough to do more than give a hug and run off. ;) See you there next year!

  • Posted by Brandi on Feb 23, 2011

    Looks like you had a great time and you booth rocks!!!!

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