Things that make me happy today 3-16-11

Posted on Mar 16, 2011. 3 comments

starr596's Limestone shawl
This photo is of Sabena (starr596 on ravelry). She knit a Limestone shawl to wear on her wedding day. I gasped when I saw her photo on ravelry because it is so beautiful. Thanks Sabena for knitting my pattern and for the gorgeous photography. I wish you a long and happy life with your husband. Link to the Limestone Shawl pattern on ravelry . Over the next few days I'll be working to add a customer gallery of knits made using my patterns. If you have a photo you'd like included either leave a comment or contact me using the contact link.

singer 012
This past weekend the whole family went for an adventure to the local swap meet. We went to visit the fresh fruits and vegetable stands to fuel my new obsession, canning or preserving local produce. This beauty of an antique Singer caught my eye. I could hardly contain myself when I found out the price, $25. Using the serial number stamped on the machine I found out it was manufactured in 1919 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This featherweight needs a little updating and some TLC and she'll be singing along in no time.

singer 009
In a way I aspire to be like this machine. A classic that runs well at 92 years of age (with a little maintenance).

marmalade 017
After coming down off of my shopping high on Saturday I turned this collection of local kumquat and orange fruit into 5.5 pints of marmalade.

singer 006
I have a whole new respect for canning. I spent the better part of three hours chopping, stirring, sterilizing, sugaring, pouring, cussing, and canning. I think I'll keep this new hobby.

Maya sends her love.


  • Posted by Natalie on Mar 18, 2011

    That’s a gorgeous collection of pictures of things that make you happy. The sewing machine almost makes me want to learn, it’s that lovely.

  • Posted by Brandi on Mar 16, 2011

    The shawl is beautiful and the vintage sewing machine , what a find! However if canning causes all of this “chopping, stirring, sterilizing, sugaring, pouring, cussing” You definitely should keep doing it. lol

  • Posted by Joelle on Mar 17, 2011

    The best hobbies invoke the best cursing. Happy Canning!

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