My Knitting Stalker Notebook

Posted on Apr 22, 2011. 4 comments

Mishi's Stalker Notebook
In a quest to provide you with content while I'm book knitting I've decided to share my Knitting Stalking Notebook. If you've been knitting for any length of time then you know what I mean. People who appear in my Stalking Notebook can knit their asses off, make you laugh your ass off, constantly bring something new to the table and generally enrich your laughter and your life.

Tammy the Instigator
This is Tammy. When I asked to take a photo of her knuckles she said "Whut?!?" But she humored me anyway and allowed me to snap one of my favorite all time knitting related photos. Tammy uses those beautiful hands to create one of a kind embellished journals in the Bay area. Linky to her etsy shop for your own stalker notebook or personal journal here.

Mishi the Stalker
I want to start out by mentioning my Husband. He was the first entry in my Stalker Notebook when we met in when I was in college. I had to hit him over the head and drag him back to my cave and we've been together ever since. I (metaphorically, METAPHORICALLY) use that philosophy with my friends. And so it wouldn't be right to post my Stalker notebook without a paparazzi photo of my own. If you see this mouth with a metaphorical club coming right up at you, beware. You might end up in my notebook next. Andria took this photo which brings me to her page in my notebook.

Andria the Stalkee
Andria is number one in my notebook because she allows me to email her 1,079 times per day about all kinds of random shit things. She is so selfless in the face of my knitting mania. Andria comes over so I can foist large black garbage bags full of yarn on her, drives me to exotic Bay Area locales, gives me Starbucks and drinks booze with me when I'm wallowing or celebrating. And just when I'm least expecting it she does something that makes me laugh until my (jiggly) abdominals hurt.

Wemmy the Stalkee
Wemmy is not only Emmy Nominated but is generally fabulous all around. If you have a question on a matter of taste or style or really anything in general this is who you ask. Wemmy is a connector, an encourager, a wise ass and most importantly a truth teller. Every one should have someone like Wemmy around. Last weekend my stalking dreams were realized when Wemmy and I went to a Korean Spa in the LA district. Did you know that you get very clean at the Spa? So clean that the Spa part doesn't involve clothes? Me neither! Not until it was time to disrobe. Thanks Wemmy, for a spa day I will never forget. I saw your Emmy Nominated Ta-tas but I left them out of my notebook.

Stephen the Stalkee
Stephen. No Stalker Notebook would be complete without the Class Clown numero uno knitting wise ass. Stephen is prepared IMMEDIATELY to show you all the best of youtube, make you laugh, help you relive the crazy times that were the 90s when you ran around Traxx and the 9:30 club in DC, and conspire to knit like no one is watching. Stephen will enable you, encourage you, hug you and cuss you.

To everyone who has been there in my life these past few difficult months, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT.



  • Posted by Stephen on Apr 22, 2011

    Good Evening, America. I’m not Chloe Sevigny. Michelle does a pretty bad-ass job of doing everything that she claims I do. Rave on, sister.

  • Posted by Rachael Herron on Apr 22, 2011

    You have such cute stalkees! :)

  • Posted by bunjie on Apr 23, 2011

    What happened to the rule/promise that what happened at the retreat stayed at the retreat !!
    Miss you guys, I had such fun.

  • Posted by PuNk rAwK pUrL on Apr 22, 2011

    I didn’t think it was possible to love these people even more than I already did.
    Extra big thanks for the Etsy shop Link Love!

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