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Posted on Jun 16, 2011. 5 comments

What initially started out as a quick collection of TNNA recap links turned into my own (fangirl) recap since I couldn't not share all the cool things that happened at the largest knitting trade show in the country. I have a whole new list of yarn shops that I'll be adding to my Retailers link which will be updated soon so stay tuned!

For the short version click these links, for the long version please continue reading.
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Michelle's Tequila Infused Weekend exhibiting at Summer TNNA 2011. (If people can be scotch or bourbon connoisseurs why can't I do that with Tequila)?

Monica talks about her weekend working in the Fickle Knitter Design booth, plus you can see how my booth came together! I swear I hardly got on her nerves at all. Plus she has photographic evidence that Debbie Macomber came into my booth, knew who I was and purchased my patterns. I was gobsmacked people, gobsmacked. In another starstruck moment I realized after about a 25 minute chat that I was talking with Ilga Leja. And then my feet stopped touching the ground because Ilga and Katherine of Fleece Artist invited me to dinner. There was beer, intense discussions about UK television and Weinergate. I felt like I was at the last supper because really, does it get much better than this?

Remind me to always plan my booth around Jaala's pink hair. Jaala is lovely by the way in case you were wondering. So is Amy Detjen. There I go name dropping again. I may as well also name drop Laura, Lindsey, Jennifer, and Mary Beth while I'm at it. Thanks for being you. And by being you I mean putting up with me. Also I appreciated meeting Bonne Marie very much. She is a cool lady and a talented designer and smart business woman (for the few of you who didn't already know).

Emily was across the aisle from me and her booth had THE CUTEST selection of bags. I wanted them all. Speaking of Bags I'd like to make a special shout out to Kimberly Reynolds, the all around awesome Social Media Guru and person who made it possible for me to acquire my very own lime green Monroe Namaste bag (which is made entirely from awesome in case you were wondering).

I was delighted to meet the very talented Carol Feller. I secretly want to be adopted into the contingent of UK Designers. ArmyofKnitters and SpaceCadetCreations both have some novel ideas of my initiation ritual. Then I met Woolly Wormhead for the first time and I think I impressed her with my high level of vulgarity and tequila consumption. I so very wanted to take KnitBrit Andi home with me in my pocket. This is the second time I've she's stalked me at a major knitting event.

Well that seems to be all for now. I have a few cell phone portraits I took while Under the Influence of Tequila (TM) which I'd like to post at a time soon in the future when I'm not running Michelle's Printing Sweatshop in the front room of my house. Until then.


  • Posted by Emily on Jun 20, 2011

    It was so fun being across from your booth Michelle! I can’t wait to start your Slouchy Lace Hat! And maybe then I think Wild Lettuce will be next.

  • Posted by spinnin' yarns on Jun 17, 2011

    Just thought you’d like to know that I didn’t even get your patterns marked before the “snoops” found the sampler album and purchased patterns. Guess I’ll have to reorder soon! LOL! Glad you had fun at TNNA – I did too. Jamie

  • Posted by Gina on Jun 19, 2011

    It was so great to meet you at TNNA. I loved our talk about “knitteratti” (of which I consider you one).

  • Posted by Woolly on Jun 16, 2011

    Haha! You did indeed – folks have gotta be themselves, and have fun while they’re at it.

    It was great to meet you, sorry I failed at saying goodbye (until next year)

  • Posted by monica on Jun 16, 2011

    It was so much fun hanging out with you. You DID NOT get on my nerves AT ALL!! Yay! You got your Namaste bag!

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