Summer TNNA 2011 Trend Watch

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Namaste Bags
I have never seen such a cult following for knitting handbags. The show floor was abuzz all weekend about Namaste bags. I was able to bring home a lime green Monroe and a matching Circular Needle Organizer. When you devote yourself to full time designing there isn't much opportunity for selfish knitting or personal yarn stash. It's the whole cobbler has no shoes phenom, so it's really nice to have something just for me! In fact I think I'm going to name this bag my precious. My precious. Do not get between me and my precious.

Natural Yarn Colors
Abuelita Yarns has two really very lovely natural colors of merino worsted. The yarn colors come straight from the sheep and these single plys are SO squishy and soft. Based on what I saw at the show natural yarns are going to be very big in the next 12-18 months. But you saw it here first.

Cashmere and Silk
If you love deeply saturated and complex dyed yarns have no fear. There are still plenty to choose from. One of my favorites this show is Ensemble. Ensemble is a delicious 75% Silk - 25% Cashmere single ply blend by Artyarns. The yarn is SO soft and the color is SO complex, I think I'm in love. This is truly a luxury yarn and I can't wait to get it on my needles!

Favorite Use of Variegated Yarn
Holiday Yarns
This sock is knit with one of my favorite new yarny discoveries and is dyed by Holiday Yarns. Rowan's use of Jennifer's pretty variegated yarn is sublime and I predict this is going to be a popular yarn and pattern.

Pattern and Design Book
Ysolda's newest book, Little Red in the City has seven truly lovely designs as well as what all you need to design sweaters that fit. Each pattern has an astonishing 28" to 60" bust size and is modeled by Ysolda herself and the beautiful Amanda Allen. This book is going to be big but you don't need me to tell you that!

I've made a point to include things in this trend watch that I use and love myself. So because of my love for two new yarns I've started selling them in kits together with Fickle Knitter Design patterns to yarn shops and now since TNNA is over I'll sell them here as well. Each kit comes with enough yarn and a pattern, all you have to do is add needles!

First up is Teresa Ruch who is a very talented dyer from Portland, Oregon. I love this sleek and silky tencel yarn so much I've written two designs with it. Flyleaf and Bird of Juno both use one skien of Teresa's beautifully draping 100% tencel yarns and the kits are only $26 each! I have them listed for sale on etsy here.

I'm really excited about these Tilli Tomas kits made using the brand new Artisan Sock yarns! I used this awesome 90% Australian Superfine Merino 10% Nylon blend in my brand new designs, Flambe and Wild Lettuce. I've included enough yarn and the pattern to knit either shawl and the kit retails for only $22! I only have a few kits because a certain group of people (and you know who you are) have cleaned me out in about a day and a half. You can find the kits for sale on etsy here. If you'd like a kit you better act fast because I only have 7 skeins left out of the original 16. I have one each of the colors in the photo above except for the two I have in Forest.

That concludes my Trend Watch from Summer 2011 TNNA. I hope you've enjoyed my recap of what's new on the knitting scene and the sneak peek of what's new on the show floor for Fall 2011.


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    There is so much awesome in this post that I need sunglasses.

    I bought the same bag, but in red. How great are all the little pockets?

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