Stitches West 2012 Recap in Photos

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Andria and I left Southern California between 4:30am and 5 on Wednesday morning so that we could be in the Santa Clara-Albany area in time for my talk at K2tog. We made excellent time on the road and only stopped for Starbucks a few times.

This is what we look like after Starbucks and a 4am wake up time.

We got to the convention center and dropped off all the yarns.

Baah Yarn La Jolla
Baah Yarn

Holiday Yarns
Holiday Yarns (Now including Bacon!)

Tilli Tomas
Tilli Tomas Yarn

Teresa Ruch Tencel
Teresa Ruch Yarn

Guess the finger for Clara
We reveled in all the yarn for a while and then sent this photo off to Clara Parkes since she was with the not yarn at home drinking fancy pants coffee and recovering from Madrona.

After dropping off our gear at the Santa Clara Convention Center and checking into our hotel we got back into the car to head to Albany. I miss the Berkeley area hippies.

Full house at k2tog, standing room only
My talk at K2tog went well! I didn't fall down, cuss, or otherwise embarrass myself. I'm here to tell you that Kimberly and Ellen of K2tog are awesome. And the knitters, don't even get me started. What a wonderfully, tight knit community of intelligent women. I was extremely impressed with the healthy knitting community in Albany and am already planning a return talk for November.

We got back to the hotel and that's when the bad things happened. Our room was broken into and Andria's iPad was taken along with all my make up. The iPad was returned to us after we filed a police report but I was meant to be bare faced because all my make up was in the hands of some stranger in Santa Clara. Or more likely the trash because they don't appreciate old lady Merle Norman make up. We put on our best sad panda faces we could and continued keep on keeping on for the show. Thursday morning we returned to the convention center to set up my booth, where I promptly stabbed myself in the arm with needle nosed pliers (if ever again Andria says "Michelle, what we need here is pliers" I am going to ignore her. I learned about torque in college).

Even more booth
And after much work the booth was ready for the show and some poor quality iPhone photography.

And then we were open for business! And people started coming by.

Zardra likes tequila and so do I
Zardra came by with an airplane sized bottle of tequila (Thanks Liz!)

Her royal highness Helen
Pretty, pretty princess her royal highness Helen, queen of audiology came by. Her husband is a physicist and we laughed at dumb physics jokes involving soap.

Booth babe
And then this happened.

At some point we took over Bennigans. Not many smiles because we waited an hour and a half for our food. They were out of Jamesons. Lest this become a complaint blog I'll stop now. Next year I envision that we'll take over IHOP by storm. Do they serve tequila?

Back to the show.

Baby Fever?
I held Rainbow and Christian's beautiful twin babies. Is that fear in my eyes? BABIES!

Knit1eat1 Nathan
I was very happy to meet Nathan of Knit1Eat1. I was so enthusiastic that I forgot how to focus for a minute. Sorry, Nathan.

Anzula Sabrina sleeping in my booth
Sabrina, owner of Anzula came by to take a nap in our booth. We only dipped her hand in warm water once.

Me and NiseyKnits!
And I got the meet the supremely awesome NiseyKnits. She is really great you guys.

Despite my worries after being burgled and stabbing myself in the arm everything came up roses. I guess we had to get the bad things out of the way in order to have a fantastic weekend. We'll be vending at Stitches West 2013 with more yarn and more delirium and more photos. In the meanwhile I'm twisting Andria's arm to go back up north with me to vend at Knitting Lab in San Mateo this November.

This was her reaction.


  • Posted by Brandi on Mar 05, 2012

    Looks like a wonderful coffee and tequila filled time for all (gosh sometimes I envy you :). Been recovering from my mouth surgery (with complications) for a about a month now and am feeling much better( it really sucked at times). How are your little ones?

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