Flyleaf Shawl Class at LoopsKnitting.Com in Tulsa Oklahoma

Posted on Apr 10, 2012. 2 comments

Flyleaf Shawl
Flyleaf One Skein Shawl Knitting Pattern by Michelle Miller of Fickle Knitter Design.

Emzfly's Flyleaf
Emily (aka Emzfly on ravelry) will be teaching a course on how to knit the Flyleaf Shawl from my pattern at Loops in Tulsa Oklahoma this April. Here's a link to the schedule of classes (links to a PDF). The class is very reasonably priced at $59 and you can see from Emily's version of Flyleaf above that she is a very talented knitter! Let Emily help you find the confidence to take on a more advanced shawl project! Learn short rows, following charts and more.

For more info please see: Utica
2042 Utica Square, Tulsa, OK 74114
(in the southeast corner of the Square,
next to the Lollygarden)
1-877-LOOPSOK or 918-742-9276

Hosting a shawl class based on a Fickle Knitter Design? Please contact me if you'd like me to publicize the class for you or if you have any other questions.


  • Posted by Michelle on Apr 11, 2012

    The most difficult thing about this particular shawl is double yarn overs! Otherwise if you can k2tog, ssk, and do a short row, you’re set. Plus the nice thing about a class is you can ask questions and get help on the sticky parts. I think this shawl is doable for a beginner!

  • Posted by Brandi on Apr 11, 2012

    I thought about this one earlier but I thought it may be too much for a beginner in lace.

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