Fickle Knitter Book Signing and Classes at The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach, Va

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The Yarn Club Yarn Shop in Virginia Beach, Va
I'll be teaching and signing books at The Yarn Club in Virginia Beach on May 8th and May 9th! I'll be teaching the following classes:

How To Knit Lace
New Flambe Triangle shawl in Tilli Tomas
Class Project Flambe Shawl
• Casting on for a top down shawl
• How to deciper the written or charted instructions
• Knitting the main body of the shawl
• Working a knitted on edging.
• Blocking

How To Design Hats from the Bottom Up
Slouchee hat
Class Project Slouchee
• Hat Math
• Gauge
• The Cast on Equation
• The Crown Decreases
• Hat Knitting Rules of Thumb
• Yarn Usage
• How to alter a Hat Knitting Pattern to fit different sized heads

How To Design a Top Down Lace Triangle
Edge Illustration
• Gauge
• Lace Triangle Construction
• How to Create Lace Motifs
• How to Insert Lace Motifs
• How to Calculate Short Rows for Shawls
• How To Block Shawls

Each class is $50 plus materials. You'll have 2-3 hours of hands on instruction and plenty of time for questions. The best part? There's no homework!

Would you like to host a class or a book signing by Michelle Miller of Fickle Knitter Design? Please contact Michelle at fickleknitterdesign at yahoo dot com for a price list and questions.


  • Posted by Brandi on Apr 21, 2012

    Looks like it will be a fun a time!

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