Leaves, Fickle Knitter Design Volume 1 Reviewed in Summer 2012 Interweave Knits by Clara Parkes

Posted on Jun 04, 2012. 2 comments

"The premise of Michelle Miller's Fickle Knitter Design Volume 1: Leaves is one most of us will appreciate--patterns that use 395 or fewer yards of yarn. We've seen a lot of people try this approach, small-scale and mainstream publishers alike, but the results don't always scale aesthetically to match the amount of yarn the projects use. All eight of Michelle Miller's designs in this book do, and beautifully."
--Clara Parkes, "the Booklet" Summer 2012 Interweave Knits

Having my first book reviewed by Clara Parkes has been one of the top 5 best experiences of all time while working in the Knitting Industry. Do you know Clara? If not, pull up a chair.

Clara has owned and operated Knitter's Review since the year 2000. Knitter's Review is a website and weekly Newsletter (Sign up Here) where Clara writes and publishes honest and thoughtful reviews on all manner of knitting topics. I've been a reader taking Clara's advice since I started knitting in 2004. The Knitter's Review forums has provided me with a bevy of information with helpful folks offering advice over the years.

Clara has written three amazing books, The Knitter's Book of Socks, The Knitter's Book of Yarn, and The Knitter's Book of Wool.

This year she's begun filming segments for Knitting Daily TV, making appearances on her local ABC news affiliate WMTW, traveling the country for knitted related teaching and speaking engagements, and baking as well as creating her world famous "Claramels" caramels as well as maintaining a rich and varied sense of humor.

What does all this mean? That I'm as happy as a pig in a poke to have had my work featured in a review by Clara with the likes of Brooklyn Tweed and Ysolda Teague. Thank you so much Clara for including Leaves, Fickle Knitter Design Volume 1 in your column!


  • Posted by Lisa B. on Jun 05, 2012

    Congrats! You’re success is well deserved and I wish you more and more of it.


  • Posted by Deb in PA on Jun 04, 2012


    I know you’ve worked hard and deserve the accolades.

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