Stargyle Scarf -- Instant Download

By Fickle Knitter Design


I always wanted to dye my hair purple. When I left home at 17 I had to support myself anyway I could. For me that meant working at the Mall, in a Chinese Restaurant, and in a Factory. None of these places allowed purple hair and I needed money for rent so my desire for manic panic hair courtesy of trendy shops in Georgetown was for naught.

That left me with the option of showing my punk rock side with my clothes; which I bleached, ripped, shredded, safety-pinned and sharpied within an inch of their (meager) existence. This wild DIY streak still exists today which is why I designed Stargyle Scarf. Now I can rock out to the X-Ray Spex and the Wiggles wearing my favorite punk rock scarf in the privacy of my family sedan automobile.

And when you pass me by and hear the mellow tunes of the Wiggles wafting through the cool air you’ll notice my badass scarf and know this soccer mom was once somebody without purple hair.

Stargyle Scarf is a simple stockinette scarf with argyle detailing.

This is an ideal pattern for yarn substitution. Use yarns that are approximately the same weight for best results.

I used a combination of stranded and intarsia techniques to knit the Stargyle scarf. The major blocks of color (Old Gold, Burgundy, and Black) were knit using stranded knitting. The white argyle lines were knit with bobbins, using intarsia to prevent long floats on the wrong side of the scarf. An alternative is stranded knitting while weaving the floats as you work across the stitches, relying solely on intarsia, or adding the white argyle lines with duplicate stitch after the knitting is complete. Use whatever style or combination is most comfortable for you.

Skills Needed
Colorwork either Intarsia or Stranded Knitting
Chart Reading

A simple stockinette scarf with argyle detailing.

Patons Classic Wool Merino 100% Wool;
yards/ 204 meters per 100g skein
; Colors: 2
Skeins Black (00226), 1 Skein Burgundy (00208),
1 Skein Winter White (00201), 1 Skein Old Gold
(00204). This is an ideal pattern for yarn substitution
Use yarns that are approximately the same
weight for best results.

One set of US 5 / 3.75 mm Knitting Needles.

5.25 stitches per inch

Row Gauge
6.25 rows per inch